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Lilian Barton FRSA outlines a major initiative for the North West. 

We have seen the tremendous success of the Olympic and Paralymic games over the summer. Most of us have associated with its identity in more ways than one. it inspired a new generation of volunteers, gave many a sense of pride and joy to see young athletes do so well and for some lifted their mood. The Olympic motto "Inspire a generation" has been everywhere and has been used as the rallying cry for all athletes competing.

“It’s not about the way we live, it’s about how we live responsibly”

In the North West Fellows have been planning a new approach, kick-starting activity with a conference looking at living responsibility.  This Conference is called Keep Calm Prepare for Change.  So why this branding? Why use it as our rallying cry? We know that you see various ‘Keep Calm’ mottos in gift shops but its origins was a morale raiser in difficult times and we are hoping to help raise peoples spirits by helping them find ways in changing.

The “Keep Calm Prepare for Change” conference takes place on Thursday 18 October and will draw together industry, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and community groups to discuss and learn how we can change the way we live, work and do business in a more sustainable way.  We all know people are wrestling with the 'triple bottom line' concept and are also struggling to understand how, for example, waste from one produce can be the raw material for another. We aim to help others understand how businesses and communities can create jobs, build up social capital and stimulate entrepreneurship.  In addition, the North West team are using the event to identify projects and ideas for further development or incubation.


The Conference has three parts, panel debate, workshop sessions and closes with a Lecture all on the theme of how can we live responsibly.  Spaces are still available so if you want to answer the rallying cry why not join us on 18 October you can register online.


Lilian Barton is Chair of the RSA North West


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