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The local community  turned out in force yesterday to officially welcome Social Mirror to Knowle West, South Bristol. For those of you not familiar with the project (we are humble enough to realise it has not yet reached a level of world wide fame), Social Mirror  is a digital tool that allows you to see and understand your personal and community connections: the friends and family you rely on and trust. In Knowle West, we are trialing its use in issuing automated 'community and social prescriptions' helping health practitioners and community workers to link people to activities and groups in their local area that might help their health and wellbeing.

The number of attendees at the launch, a perfect 100, not only satisfied the obsessive compulsives among us but showed that the people of Knowle West are keen to be involved in projects that are beneficial to health and happiness in the community.

Gaia & Lorian demonstrate the Social Mirror app

As well as individuals from the Knowle West area, the event attracted representatives from local groups including GP surgeries, community centres, The Prince's Trust and many other groups who wanted to know if they could be involved as a 'social prescription' (a group or activity the tool recommends) or if the application could help some of the people they already work with.

Gaia explains one of the activities to a group of people who attended the event and Joe demonstrates the app

So what did we learn from the event:

  1. That, at least in theory (with a couple of tweeks), Health Practitioners and members of the community think that the application is a good idea. It was particularly interesting to hear a couple of health workers describe the tool as something that would make 'patients' more aware of their social situation and, even without a prescription, how useful this awareness could be.
  2. Most people find digital interactions fun. Some of the attendees had never used a computer before but nearly everyone who tried the app found interacting in this way interesting and accessible. I'm not saying the interface is perfect or that there weren't any problems, just that a well designed interface and accessible medium can definitely extract useful information in a way that maybe more traditional methods cannot.
  3. Whilst digital exploration and helping the community are all well and good, nothing beats the universal appeal of a free cake.
  4. The Social Mirror launch event in full flow at the Knowle West Media Centre

    We will be trialing the app by mid March in local doctor's surgeries. If you live in the local area and would like more information about Social Mirror or would like to find out how to get involved you can email me at You can also follow us on twitter: @socialmirrorapp or by signing up on the Social Mirror website.

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