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There are currently six regional online fellowship networks (nings), which over the coming months will be moved home into the main online space RSAFellowship network. This decision has been proposed by the Digital Engagement group and is currently being implemented by the RSA staff.


The Fellowship Digital Engagement Group (DEGroup) have recommended the regional online fellowship networks are consolidated. In practice this means that some online networks will close and individuals will be invited to join a dedicated regional or national group.  This means that fellows can be part of a wider conversation with each other all over the world in a central space! Some of the main reasons for the recommendation (following feedback from Fellows) were:


It is unclear which regional online fellowship networks people should join, especially where there are the regional and main Fellowship Ning. Fellows are unclear which one they should use or become active in.


On the regional online fellowship networks, Fellows cannot connect with other Fellows nationally, as they are not members of the network and hence this limits the scope of collaboration and connectivity.

Communication & Signposting

There is a lack of signposting or communicating to Fellows which regional online fellowship networks to join. On the main Fellowship page on there main Fellowship Network is listed as a place to connect online. The remaining regional networks are not listed and are not communicated in any central Fellowship communication

As  more people use social media to tell the story of the future, the wants and  needs of more people will be reflected.  Simon  Mainwaring

Activity & Moderation

Levels of activity on some of the regional networks are low. Hence people do not use the regional online networks as there is a lack of people using the sites.  Similarly this results in lack of activity or posting on the regional online networks.

New community platform for Fellows

A new community platform will be launched in 2013/14 and it would be easier to migrate the central network rather than all the regional and national networks.

What does it mean for Fellows?

Please take a look at register online. Once you have set up an account join one of the regional groups in the main online fellowship networks.

If you are an existing member of one of the regional online fellowship networks, then you should be receiving an invitation to join the new regional groups, alternatively the groups are listed below:

Fellows, Digital Champions, Regional Programme Managers and Regional & National Teams will all be actively posting in these groups, promoting events and discussions around projects or themes. If you are keen in getting involved as Digital Champion or would like to learn more about digital engagement across the RSA please do not hesitate to contact me.

Charlotte Britton

Chair RSA DE Group

twitter @ charlottebritto


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