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Today we’re launching the ChangeMakers handbook, a guide for anyone who wants to change their community for the better. (Since you’re reading this blog, I’m hoping that’s you.)

ChangeMakers HandbookI’ve spent the last couple of years supporting RSA Fellows in who’re running a huge range of projects – from helping people learn new skills to saving their local library.

Along the way, I’ve noticed that the best of these initiatives, although very different in many ways, tend to get a few basic things right.

If I had to pick three:

  • Their meetings don’t make you want to pull your fingernails out
  • They use social media to tell people what they’re doing and why it matters
  • They don’t let unnecessary bureaucracy and admin get in the way of a good idea

The handbook covers these topics, and a few others besides. It’s a real team effort, drawing both on the RSA Fellowship team’s experience working with Fellows across the world, and research by my colleague Ben Dellot as part of the RSA’s ChangeMakers project. Particular thanks are due to Lorena Hodgson, Alice Kershaw and John Turner, all of whom were involved in that project and contributed their advice.

If you’ve ever felt that something needs to change, but struggled to know where to start, there should be something here to help you. And if you find you have questions that go unanswered, we’ve also included plenty of links to other resources and tools that will help you along the way.

We hope you find it useful, and share the link with others. Most of all, we hope you’ll keep using this blog to share your own experiences – good and bad – to help this document grow and develop in the future.


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