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We are happy to announce that our project RSA Pupil Design Awards: Coming to a school near you? has now been launched on Kickstarter!

Following on from the success of the RSA Student Design Awards, we are hoping to trial the expansion of this scheme for 14-19 year old pupils, aiming to inspire them to apply their design skills to solving real life problems. The Pupil Design Awards will challenge pupils to think differently about design, through tackling briefs focused on real-world social, environmental and economic problems.The project will initially be run in three of the RSA Academies with the opportunity for further expansion at a national level if successful.

The RSA has already supported several projects created by fellows on Kickstarter, but this will be the first time that the RSA are using Kickstarter to crowdfund for one if its own projects.

It has been particularly interesting to look at alternative ways of fundraising and what this may mean for the ways in which charities operate in the future. Crowdfunding has the advantage of allowing people to donate as much as they like, offering them the chance to receive various rewards pending on the amount donated. In thinking up our rewards for this project, it was necessary to think more clearly about our audience which has in turn assisted us in further developing the project. Our rewards include an invitation to the Pupil Design Awards ceremony if you pledge £50 or more and a signed A3 colour copy of one of the three winning pupils’ designs if you pledge £20 or more.

It is still the beginning so it is impossible to comment on our success as yet, though we have already raised £2, 300 of our £10,900 target in 5 days which is a great start. We’re grateful for all of the tweets and retweets and we’re hoping that this will continue during the next few weeks.

Please help spread the word and make the Pupil Design Awards happen! Donate here!


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