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Are you interested in helping young people realise their potential?

This summer we are launching an ambitious new project that seeks to improve the career prospects of RSA Academies students – and we need your help.

As part of a Fellowship that consists of achievers and influencers from every field with a commitment to positive social change, we are calling on you to help an initial cohort of 60 students from RSA Academies.  Contrary to popular belief, research shows that young people from all walks of life rarely suffer from a lack of aspiration; the problem is that disadvantaged students lack access to the influential people and networks that are fundamental to achieving their aspirations.  Our aim is to use the wealth of knowledge and skill from within the Fellowship to provide these young people with critical friends who will support and challenge them as they think about their transition to adulthood, and set them on their way to becoming rounded and successful members of society who know who they want to be.

As a result, we are launching an exciting mentoring project this year to help pupils in Year 9 as they consider their next steps through school and beyond.

We would like to invite you to mentor a student and enable them to broaden their horizons as they progress through school.  If you volunteer to sign up, you will be working with a pupil for a minimum of one year to facilitate them in exploring how they can make the most of their skills and interests.  The project will support you to meet your mentee at least once every term following the summer term in which you will be working a little more intensely to develop and foster a positive and productive relationship.  We will then support you to jointly create an ‘Action Plan’ that will act as a road map for the time you spend with your mentee.

Sign up now to the initial training event on Tuesday 20 May in Birmingham where you will be provided with training and information about the project along with details of the schools and students taking part.

If you would like more information about the Broadening Horizons project or would like to be a mentor but can’t attend the initial training please contact Richard Pickford to discuss your options.


Richard Pickford


p.s. I told you I was going to be getting busy


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