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There are so many different types of recovery. I believe that we are all in recovery from something, or someone. Any trauma in our lives, anything that makes our body, head or heart hurt takes time and effort to move past. Time to recover from.

We often hear about individuals in the West Kent recovery community working to help others. Many choose to become peer mentors in the service or volunteer for other organisations elsewhere. There is a fantastic sense of ‘giving back’ to the community.

For those who are uncomfortable with the unknown, there are group opportunities – the Gravesend Recovery Community recently took part in a litter pick and is joining the team for the ‘Gravesend in Bloom’ initiative. Many of the Maidstone community are part of a community group called ‘aspire2be’, providing independent support groups for other people coming into recovery.

This summer, members of the recovery community will be taking part in a sponsored Dragon boat race, working to provide much needed funds for their chosen cause.

Many organisations enter sponsored events to raise money for their own funding pots. When we asked the recovery community to choose a charity, drug and alcohol services were the last option in everyone’s minds.

DGB2 Just some of the members of the West Kent Dragon Boat Team

They say there is no feeling like losing a child. The Demelza house hospice supports terminally ill children and their families and that is who the recovery community have chosen to support. People who may never be able to move forward without services like Demelza.

Staff members from the West Kent Recovery Service, people who have completed treatment, people who are still in treatment; husbands, wives, partners and friends of those who have been through treatment; members of peer support groups and fellowships are all coming together for one day. Some of them in recovery from drug and alcohol problems, any number of them in recovery from something.

The team will be rowing their hearts out to support families for whom it may seem like there is no hope. From past experience, members of the recovery community understand that feeling all too well.

Come along on Sunday 6th July at Mote Park, Maidstone if you would like to show your support to the team. It will be a great day, whatever the weather. And if you are able to give a little towards our fundraising for Demelza, you can visit our sponsorship page at

We hope to see you there.


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