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An unsuspecting Grandmother from the south-west of England has grown a 5ft cannabis plant in her front garden.  She has broken the law, but will not be punished; other than being asked to remove and destroy the plant.

This all came to light after she sent a picture via email to the BBC Radio Devon’s gardening programming ‘The Potting Shed’, asking for help in identifying the ‘weed’.  She had two emails back; one from the programme experts identifying the plant and the other from the police.

So how does a Grandmother of five come to be involved in the production of drugs?  granny

The answer is of course, completely innocently.  It is thought that the seed which the plant grew from had fallen from a bird feeder which was hanging over the area of criminal interest.  The feeder itself had been re-filled from a 25kilo bag of RSPB bird feed.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  In 2012 a farmer from Bavaria in Germany grew a crop of 1000 cannabis plants after sowing his 3000 square metre field with half a sack of bird feed.  The 74 year old farmer had wanted a field of sunflowers, but not having any seeds to hand thought he’d take a chance with some bird feed.  German Drug Enforcement officers watched over him whilst he destroyed the crop.

There is a moral to this story and this should be a warning to green fingered pensioners throughout Britain.  Be on your guard.  It is apparently very common for bird feed to contain hemp seed. One should take care when ordering your seed stash.  Choose your supplier carefully.  There are unscrupulous dealers out there.  You never know what you are buying nowadays…

Ignorantia legis neminem excusat.

Plus, spare a thought for the birds…


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