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Michael Sani FRSA is inviting Fellows to join and help shape a new Civic Engagement Network. Here he outlines the need for this community for change and what he hopes it can achieve.

What a time it is for politics, what a time it is for young citizens.

With estimates as high as 72% turnout of 18-24 year olds in last week’s General Election, we need to look outside any result you were hoping for and consider the real win here: people are seeing more than ever that politics can bring about change. The real win lies with the young electorate who turned up, bringing diversity to our democracy.

Now it’s time to build upon this energy and grow this movement for more and better democracy.

Imagine a continuously growing electorate that have the skills and values needed to demand transparency, hold parliament and the government to account with representation of all ages, classes, cultures and genders driving the solutions to the political issues they care about.

We want to collaborate with Fellows to create a community for change which can help sustain and grow this energy and turn ideas into action – join us

My name is Michael Sani and I am a co-founder of Bite The Ballot, a charity that empowers young and socially excluded citizens to lead change in our society. Under my leadership, Bite The Ballot has grown from a lunchtime club in one school to a national movement. For the past four years I have been working with Kenny Imafidon, co-founder of ClearView Research, a youth-led consultancy that provide specialist research services and produce solution-focused recommendations. Together we have been at the forefront of some fantastic campaigns that have included world record breaking voter registration drives and changes in policy and legislation to increase civic engagement.

Help us shape a new Civic Engagement Network: complete this form or contact to register your interest before Friday 28 July.

With the support of the RSA, Kenny and I would like to invite Fellows to work with us to develop a new Fellow-led Network for Civic Engagement. The aims are simple:

-        to ensure the recent record levels of civic engagement are sustained and grow

-        to enrich democratic debate by including diverse voices

-        to increase participation in the change-making process 

How will the new Fellow-led Network achieve this?

We’d like to work with Fellows to find this out! We’re interested in investigating the root causes of poor civic engagement and working together to find potential solutions. We have some ideas and experience – but we want to hear your thoughts.

Open to all who have an interest in or work in democratic engagement, we will launch the Network in the autumn of 2017. We hope the Network will be action focused and a place for us to learn from each other and collaborate.

We’re excited to harness the wealth of experience and knowledge within the RSA Fellowship and to seize this opportunity for change – and we need your input. 

Get in touch to join the Network mailing list or to take part in the creation of this Network before Friday 28 July:



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