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Have a look at the selection of articles the RSA Global Team have been reading over the past month! They include articles on inclusive growth in Canada, the Future of work and housing supply in the US context and education in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The Inter-American Development Bank Education Portal is leading information platform which presents 40 comparable education indicators across 26 countries and promotes evidence-based education policy-making in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Convened by the Australian Capital Territory Ministry in 2015, this report from the expert panel, Schools for all – Children and Young People reviewed policy and practice in all ACT schools regarding students with complex needs and challenging behaviour and provided recommendations.


This article from the Atlantic - The Perks of a Play in the Mud Educational Philosophy advocates outdoor play in lieu of the classrom for early childhood education.




The Council on Foreign Relations just released an amazing report as part of their independent Task Force Programme entitled The Work Ahead – Machines, Skills and US Leadership in the 21st Century. The report specifically reviews the effect the future of work will have on the American Workforce, the US economy and national security. Here is also a link to the report’s launch event.


How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world is the new Brookings report on AI application in various sectors and the authors of the report, Darrell West and John Allen, offer recommendations on how to optimize AI whilst also protecting human rights and values.


A recent report from the Mowat Centre, Race to the Top provides guidance to policy makers in Canada on the developing an inclusive growth agenda in Canada. As the Gov’t of Canada recently explored proposals which can drive inclusive growth in Canada which will increase productivity and improve competitiveness. The full report to the Parliament is located here.


At a recent Chatham House event, Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook advocates that poverty can be alleviated by a universal basic income. Here is the audio from the event – Should the super-rich pay for a UBI?


Public Services

A new OECD report “Working together for local integration of migrants” describes what it takes to formulate a place-based approach to integration of migrants through concerted efforts across levels of government.  


This sober New York Times Magazine article describes how Black infants in America are now more than twice as likely to die as white infants. The article further states that there is a “growing acceptance that for black women in America, an inescapable atmosphere of societal and systemic racism can create a kind of toxic physiological stress, resulting in conditions that lead directly to higher rates of infant and maternal death.”


This Brookings article unpacks the “housing supply puzzle” in the US context on how housing units exit and enter supply. It examines how gains and losses are reflected in different geographical areas in the US and they have changed over time.



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