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Ecoed Life is an initiative tackling behaviour change in the field of environmental sustainability through four key areas: awareness and education, action, research and connection.

The most important thing about us though, is the ‘how’: we believe in engaging with people of all ages in a fun, interactive and positive way, to encourage personal reflection and action that can lead to transforming the way we see and relate with our daily choices and habits that have an impact on the environment.

The Ecoed Game App: our technological ally

One of our most unique tools is the online Ecoed Game app. With this app, players access practical information and down-to-earth actions in a fun, interactive way: they get to challenge other friends or random players, and win points and coins that help them climb up the game ranks. The app is publicly available on the app stores (Android and iOS) and also available to create ad-hoc, exclusive Ecoed challenges for specific groups and communities.

More than just (another) educational game…

Ecoed Game app is also a powerful research tool through which we aim to create the first ever data-based research on environmental awareness and behavioural change. As Ecoed challenges are run, and players use the app, we collect data which we analyse (data kept anonymous) to produce reports on strengths and gaps of knowledge and action per age range, country, and specific groups. It is our hope that this research will help organisations and society take more targeted and informed actions to address the population’s needs and thus drive the necessary transformation of human behaviour towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are running an Ecoed Challenge for RSA Fellows. Your participation will contribute to our database of research on environmental awareness and behaviour change. The challenge will run from October 8th until October 14th. Please sign up for the challenge here until October 7th: or email us at

A report will be made available to you and the RSA after the challenge is over, showcasing the findings (data is anonymized). The more people that participate, the better the results!

Supporting environmental education in schools

At Ecoed Life we also strive to make fun and inspirational environmental education available and accessible to schools and children across the UK (and internationally). Through our Ecoed challenges and school programmes we dream of creating a data platform where schools can assess and measure their students’ progress in terms of environmental sustainability knowledge and action, obtain useful, targeted content to address their particular learning needs, and share learnings and experiences.

We are seeking both schools (targeting children from 8 to 15 years old) that would be interested in running our programme, as well as funders that would support it. If you know of any school and/or organisation that would be interested, please do get in touch with us! We would love to share our vision and discuss details on how you can be engaged in this exciting project.


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