How to Change the Post-Crash Economy

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RSA House, London

  • Economics and Finance
  • Global

An expert panel convene to discuss the state of the UK economy today.


Costas Lapavitsas - professor of economics at SOAS, University of London – argues in his new book, Profiting Without Producing, that mature economies are in the vice grip of ‘financialisation’. It has been more than five years since the outbreak of the gigantic financial crisis, but what, if anything, has really changed? The unfettered capitalism that has brought the market into every corner of society continues to dictate policy, and even orthodox commentators like the FT are questioning the prevailing economic models. But what are our alternatives?

An expert panel including Paul Mason, Culture and Digital editor, Channel 4 News; Mariana Mazzucato RM Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation at Sussex University; and Seumas Milne, Guardian columnist and author, convene to discuss the state of the UK economy today.

Chair: Ben Chu is economics editor of The Independent

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