The cost of living precariously

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How can understanding the nature of financial insecurity help address the cost of living crisis?

The highest inflation rates in decades mean cost of living increases threaten to overwhelm those already in difficult financial situations. Young people will be hit hard: recent RSA work found that almost half of young people are financially precarious. How do these challenges impact people’s everyday lives, and what measures are needed to improve financial security, enable greater independence, and support overall wellbeing?

A panel gathers to reflect on how recent findings on financial precarity are showing up in young people’s experiences. How do work, welfare, and housing affect how people can build their futures? How are these things experienced differently depending on gender, life stage, or background? How can centring the voices of those most affected help form better solutions? Exploring recent RSA findings against a backdrop of broader economic struggles, the panel reflects on what must change to better support young and financially precarious people to flourish.

Read the RSA’s recent report, ‘The cost of independence’, here

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