Tenants – living through a housing crisis

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 -  | BST British Summer Time

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  • Health & wellbeing
  • Housing
  • Social justice
  • Social mobility

Across Britain, people of all generations are being priced out of homeownership, shut out of social housing options, and required to find a home in the private rental sector. Recent decades have seen this sector reshaped by Right to Buy, Buy to Let, divestment in social housing and deregulation, creating a situation where rents are rising faster than incomes and landlords hold more rights than their tenants.

Combined with the lasting impact of the pandemic and the rising cost of living, Britain is faced with a housing emergency.

Through the lens of history, politics and deeply personal stories, Vicky Spratt traces the policy decisions that have led us to this moment, uncovers the brutal impact of bad renting on our lives, and sets out the real, radical steps we can take to give everyone the chance of a safe and secure home.

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