The young disruptors of Sub-Saharan Africa

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What does it mean to be young in an ageing world?

Youth populations across Sub-Saharan African countries are growing at rapid rates compared to other countries globally. With more than 42% of the population under 14 years old, Nigeria is one of the youngest countries in the world.

This sharp population shift is ushering in a thriving culture of innovation and disrupting societal norms as more young people move to cities, challenge traditional political structures, and reap the benefits of more widespread access to technology. A growing diaspora is also altering perceptions of what it means to be Nigerian and African, both at home and on an international stage.

2021-2022 Nine Dots Prize winner, Trish Lorenz, argues that research and reportage of youth experiences has traditionally focused on the West, leaving much to be said about the challenges and opportunities faced by the young in prospering cities like Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Here Trish Lorenz shares unique stories and big questions that arose from her time speaking with these exciting, young entrepreneurs, artists, and activists.


We are aware of a recent Cambridge University interview where wording suggested that the author had invented the phrase ‘soro soke generation’. CUP has clarified that this was not her intention and the interview text has now been corrected. You can read the corrected interview here.

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