Fighting and fixing systemic gender injustice

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  • Social justice

Why should women be expected to assimilate into a system that was never designed for them?

From policing and politics to education and the media, systemic gender prejudice is embedded in the pillars of our society. Potential solutions often require change from the women experiencing the problem rather than the systems that perpetuate the problem.

Whether for walking home alone at night or for not demanding a seat at the table, we blame women for not overcoming odds that are stacked against them. In the wake of violent behaviour from men, we turn to women to change lifestyles and behaviours.

By combining overlapping themes from thousands of personal stories with shocking statistics, Everyday Sexism founder, Laura Bates demonstrates why asking women for change is not fair or effective. We need to fix the system, not the women. Here with Pragya Agarwal, Laura paints a shocking picture of gender inequality in Britain today and explores how society can usher in systemic change.

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