Stories of modern England: a nation at a crossroads

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 -  | BST British Summer Time

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  • Cities
  • Communities
  • Heritage
  • Localism
  • Social justice

Post-Brexit, post-pandemic, in a time of political anxiety and fragmentation, at a social and cultural crossroads - which path will a divided England take next?

From ‘take back control’ to ‘levelling up’, from the tragedy of Morecambe Bay to the remaking of English football culture, award-winning journalist and editor Jason Cowley re-examines recent key news events and reflects on the human stories behind the headlines, taking stock of the state of the nation in 2022, and searching for the shared experiences and values that unite us through difference and change.

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For those wishing to gather with friends or colleagues to watch in-person, this event will be live-streamed on The Steps in The Coffee House on the day of the event from 13:00.

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