How our social connections impact our economic mobility

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Online Webinar via Zoom

  • Economics and Finance
  • Social justice
  • Technology

In an increasingly fragmented and unequal world, how can insights from social network data help to improve opportunity for everyone?

Raj Chetty, professor of public economics at Harvard University will share the findings from research analysis of Meta data on the relationship between the social connections of individuals and economic mobility in the US. Research led by Harvard’s Opportunity Insights used large-scale privacy-protected social network datasets to study social capital in neighbourhoods, schools and colleges.

Professor Chetty is joined by Lucy Makinson, head of policy at the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to explore the findings in more detail.

What are the key implications in this US data for other countries and regions? How can these findings be further developed, and policy recommendations suggested to help improve social connectivity and economic mobility? What interventions could be made to enable these actions – and do they extend to the services themselves?

The UK leg of this work is being taken forward by a coalition of partners including the RSA, BIT and Neighbourly Lab.

*Please note this is a Zoom webinar and places are limited. If you wish to join the event please register for a ticket*

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