Lockdown laws and the threats to our freedoms

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On 26 March 2020, a new law appeared that confined us to our homes. Passed under a state of emergency that was meant to be short but lasted 763 days, this law was one of over 100 lockdown laws that were never debated in parliament. Though certainly justified by the rapid spread of Covid-19, these laws increasingly confused the public and restricted our freedoms more than ever before.

New laws like the Public Order Bill are bringing in limitations to free speech and our right to protest. Just like laws made during the state of emergency, this Bill has been criticised as a threat to our freedoms, human rights and democracy.

Here at the RSA, one of the UK’s leading human rights barristers, Adam Wagner, will reflect on these laws and their impact on our human rights. Adam will explore how these laws are passed in parliament, understood by the public, enforced by the police, and why we should never take our rights for granted.

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