Creative responses to climate change

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Brian Eno, founder of environmental charity EarthPercent joins Andy Haldane in conversation on reasons for optimism about solving the climate crisis.

As we witness stark evidence of the rapidly changing climate across the globe, we need to rethink the ways in which we address our urgent environmental need. Can we create new opportunities to regenerate our world as we rise to this complex challenge?

There is a widespread and often unreported movement taking a lead on climate action, demonstrating examples of innovative practice and collective impact. Cultural practitioners are working with economists, scientists, industry leaders and the public to bring a unique fusion of expertise and imaginative thinking and a renewed understanding of our relationship with the planet.

How do we ensure these efforts are recognised, celebrated and supported to build a way forward on environmental causes and create a world that is more resilient, rebalanced and regenerative? 

Brian Eno images - photo credit: Cecily Eno

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