Inclusive innovation: A new model for change

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Innovation offers potential: to cure diseases, to better connect people, and to make the way we live and work more efficient and enjoyable. We all know that innovation, invention, and change are essential to economic and social development. But innovation can also fuel inequality, decimate livelihoods, harm mental health and destroy the planet. How can we uplift the benefits of innovation while reducing its potential harms?

How can we uplift the benefits of innovation while reducing its potential harms?
The answer: Inclusive Innovation. Join the authors of a ground-breaking new study to learn just what Inclusive Innovation is and how incredible changemakers around the globe are making it the centre of their practice.

An essential event for any entrepreneurs, business leaders and workers looking to innovate and do business in a more ethical, regenerative, and inclusive way.

Want to watch this event at RSA House?

For those wishing to gather with friends or colleagues to watch in-person, this event will be live-streamed on The Steps in The Coffee House on the day of the event from 13:00.

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