The North will rise again

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How can the North recapture the sense of dynamism and futurism that once made it one of the most forward-looking places in the world?

Across society, politics and culture, the North has a distinct sense of regional identity. With roots in its time as Britain’s nineteenth-century industrial heartlands, Northern identity was once defined by a sense of innovation and future-focused thinking. However, the deindustrialisation and austerity of the past few decades have clouded that sense of achievement and led the North to become one of the most impoverished regions in the UK.

Join Alex Niven, leading voice on Northern identity and culture, as he takes a fresh look at the roots and future of the North-South divide. Here with Zoe Billingham of IPPR North, Alex will explore the historical events and political decisions that have shaped Northern identity while setting out a vision for how the region can unlock a more rebalanced future of promise and potential.

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