ASPEn Enterprise Launch, Edinburgh

Fellowship Event


Grassmarket, Edinburgh

  • Sustainability
  • Communities

Join us for thee official launch of ASPEn, Asia-Scotland Partnerships for the Environment, a new Fellow-led social enterprise. Hear about the mission statement, plans and future prospects; meet the team; and find out how to get involved.

The official launch of ASPEn, Asia-Scotland Partnerships for the Environment, as a social enterprise.


Our goal is to encourage sustainable development by fostering a two-way dialogue between Scotland and the Asia-Pacific. With over half the worlds population living in Asia and many of those living in poverty, development coupled with good social and environmental practice is one of the great complex challenges of today.

ASPEn will build and develop international partnerships through a streamlined online interface. This will be a facilitated networking tool to allow dynamic collaboration, knowledge sharing and network development. We will actively manage this network, partnering groups working on similar projects that have solid foundations for international collaboration.

We are delighted to welcome Roddy Gow, OBE, Chairman of the Asia Scotland Institute, to introduce the significance of sustainable development in Asia. Mr. Gow will be followed by a word from our supporters, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

The ASPEn team, Ewan Tennant and Peter Hannay, will present the work and vision of ASPEn, plans for the upcoming research tour in India and China and how we will support a globally integrated approach to sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

Change through collaboration – Join us to make it happen.

The traditional approach to tackling climate change is limited by alienation. Many individuals and businesses are isolated from the debate and demonised for their practices. In order to truly achieve sustainability we must form an integrated effort comprising all disciplines and people from all walks of life. 

Change through collaboration – join us to make it happen.