Collaboration in Business

Fellowship Event


Spaces, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

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Join us for an evening of networking exploring the benefits of collaboration in business.

What do Google, The Beatles and Aeroplanes all have in common?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin met as students; they started a company as a way to experiment with search algorithms later becoming Google. The Wright Brothers started out fixing bikes; it was their invention of the three-axis controls that made flying a fixed-wing aircraft possible. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the driving force behind the sound that changed pop music forever.

The common factor? Simple partnerships, with a mutual passion, sparking ideas that went on to change the world. Collaborating with others enables us to share ideas, be inspired and potentially do some revolutionary work.

Join us for an evening of networking and a glass of wine as we explore the many and varied benefits collaboration in business can bring, from the financial to the human, the physical to the intellectual.

Jane Bruce is our guest speaker on the evening. She uses her skills to support people who have had tough times in building happy and healthy lives. She loves unconventional, informal approaches to both people and organisational development. Currently she is working alongside Social Bite founders, Josh LittleJohn and Alice Thompson to lead Social Bite in Scotland, focussing on how the organisation can deliver maximum benefit to people affected by homelessness.

Jane has a wealth of experience of working collaboratively in both her current role and in her previous role as Director of Venture Scotland - delivering wilderness based programmes of personal development for vulnerable young people. She is a Clore Social Fellow and a Trustee of The Melting Pot, supporting social innovation

Successful collaboration is unlikely to be easy. Join us as we explore how working through the challenges you encounter on the way is fundamental to the process.

This event is open to all and is organised in collaboration with Not9to5 and Lucidity who work together to enable business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals to thrive - with a focus on collaboration and flexible working to drive creativity, innovation and better results.

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