RSA North & UBI Lab North East: What is UBI?

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Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle upon Tyne

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UBI Lab North East, in collaboration with the RSA, will hold this seminar style session in Newcastle on March 4th in the Green Room at Ampersand House in Pilgrim Street.

The content will be a definition of Universal Basic Income (UBI) and investigation of the arguments for and against it. We will look at the results of the several pilots that have been completed over the past few years worldwide including a short film of the pilot in India.

Lastly, we will discuss whether we can initiate a local trial project in the North East to move UBI forward socially and politically?

The session will be led by Maurice Ward, M.Sc, FRSA and in attendance will be knowledgeable activists on the subject.


Who are UBI Lab North East?
A group of people interested in basic income and keen to explore how the policy would benefit the North East. Everyone is welcome to join the group.

What do we intend to do?
To generate discussion about basic income, promote the idea with decision makers and listen to the public’s views and concerns about the subject. This could include campaigning for a pilot study to happen in the region.

We will aim to meet once a month to explore basic income from a series of different perspectives.


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Location: Ampersand Inventions, 39 Pilgrim Street, Floor 4, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QE

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