The art of change

Fellowship Event

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  • Behaviour change
  • Social brain
  • Fellowship in Action
  • Social innovation

Join the RSA Innovation Lab for an interactive workshop on the art and science of making lasting change happen.

Sometimes change feels like a euphoric tide, a sweeping in of the new, a coup of creative destruction. Or, as historian Christopher Hill wrote, like “a door that opens widely… and then suddenly closes.” In other moments, social change feels like a hard-won and gradual chipping away of the status quo. An act of pragmatic and hard-nosed dedication and craftsmanship.

For 250+ years, the RSA has cultivated an identity for stewarding progressive change. Today with over 30,000 Fellows around the world and with countless more allies working to drive transformation across society, we offer a space to pause and put a lens on the art of change-making itself and interrogate our assumptions and common myths around how we make change.

In this interactive session, we will share our meditations around the art and science of social change and invite group discussion around some driving questions, such as:

  • What do we collectively know about how social change happens in the world?
  • What theories of change do we hold?
  • Why does change so often fail and what are the obstacles to change we have faced?
  • What strategies and tactics for social change are we optimistic about?
  • Is social change an art or are there patterns and mechanics we can learn from?
  • How can we know if a system is ripe for change?
  • How do we show up as change-makers, what talents do we draw upon?
  • How are current crises transforming our identities as change-makers?


This session will take place via Zoom. Joining instructions will be sent to participants on registration. Attendees will need to register for a free Zoom account and ensure they have the latest version of Zoom installed.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact [email protected].