UBI Lab Stroud: let’s explore a future where everyone thrives

Fellowship Event

 -  | GMT Standard Time

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, Stroud GL6 7QW

  • Economy, Employment & Design
  • Sharing economy
  • Economics and Finance

What is Universal Basic Income, and what could it do for us here in Stroud?

Join us for a good meal, insight from the national UBI Lab network and other innovators, and the opportunity to help co-create the future of the brand new UBI Lab Stroud.

A universal basic income (UBI) is a payment made to everybody – no questions asked. It gives people the power of choice; the power to learn, to care, to create, to innovate.

UBI is a concept that is enjoying growing grassroots and political support in the UK. Pilot projects across the world have shown that it can make a positive impact on our individual and collective wellbeing, our mental health and our ability to be active members of our communities.

At this launch event there will be an opportunity to learn from the UBI Lab network and join in co-creating the future of the brand new UBI Lab Stroud. You will:

  • Learn how Universal Basic Income can operate, the benefits and the role of UBI Labs
  • Hear about the launch of UBI Lab Stroud
  • Help co-create the future of UBI Lab Stroud
  • Participants will gain:
  • Understanding of UBI and the benefits it can bring to people and the wider community
  • An opportunity to network with a wide range of people from our community, exchange views and ideas about UBI
  • An update on the RSA’s own research into UBI

This event is being co-hosted by the RSA at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking. Please book your place below.

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