Creating a social movement for health [seminar]

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  • Health & wellbeing
  • Social networks

This seminar brings together Vanguards, policy experts and practitioners from across health and social care and the third sector to explore how we can empower people and communities to take action for health and wellbeing at scale.

There will be authentic, interactive and practical conversation around the subject. Interactive sessions will include:

  • The launch of NESTA’s new report on the power of people in social movements
  • Hear from the vanguards working with NEF about how to drive change
  • Discuss and engage with other participants as award-winning health practitioner Jos de Blok shares lessons from the Buurtzorg movement in the Netherlands
  • Hear Rowan Conway, Halima Khan and Jos de Blok explore the trends and tensions in creating a social movement for health at an RSA Public Event.


This event is aimed at community activists, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, representatives from the 50 New Care Model vanguards and health and social care leaders beyond the vanguards.

This will be the first RSA Health as a social movement seminar, held a RSA House in London.  This seminar is part of a three year-long programme with NHS England exploring how local social movements can become a driver for innovation and empower patients and communities to improve their health.

creating a social movement for health

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