Good Work and Productivity Employer Workshop - RSA Future Work Centre

Research & Impact Event


RSA House, London

  • Future of Work
  • Employment

In response to labour market challenges like low pay, a lack of career progression and job insecurity, the UK Government committed in its Industrial Strategy to "continuous improvement in the quality of jobs, with the UK reaping the rewards in terms of advanced growth and productivity.”

To better understand how good work can contribute to productivity growth, the RSA and Carnegie UK Trust are convening a group of cross-sector employers to hear from their experiences, share best practice, and understand the challenges they face in enabling good work and improving productivity. 

We will start the half day workshop with a keynote from Matthew Taylor. There will then be a series of collaborative workshops, exploring the RSA’s four scenarios for the future of work in 2035, and insights from the Quality of Work and Productivity group. 

  • The Big Tech Economy considers what could happen if technology develops at a rapid pace and leads to widespread automation, alongside Silicon Valley tech giants entering new markets.
  • The Precision Economy examines how a proliferation of IoT sensors might subject workers to new levels of algorithmic oversight and spur the growth of gig economy platforms.
  • The Empathy Economy models growth in hi-touch jobs, as technology augments human capabilities.
  • The Exodus Economy explores the social and economic consequences of another financial crisis. 

If you are interested in attending, please get in touch with the project team.

Who should attend? Employers and business representatives. HR/L&D directors, technologists, future of work strategists, small business owners, organisational designers.

About the Quality of Work and Productivity Group: Carnegie UK Trust and the RSA are convening a new Expert Group to build the evidence base on the links between job quality and productivity. Key contributors include Warwick Institute for Employment Research, the CBI, TUC, Resolution Foundation, McKinsey Centre for Government, and Be the Business. Together we will source new insights through research and analysis, and through a dialogue with businesses.

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