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Philip Ward FRSA

Philip Ward FRSA

Sustainability Network Lead


Join our network

Join our network

We meet quarterly and take an action-focused approach, aiming to not only provide an opportunity for those from across the diverse sector to meet and network but also to work together to take action on key areas of interest. If you work in sustainability or have an interest in the field, we'd love to hear from you!

Join the network

The RSA sustainability network is inspiring because it enables people from diverse professional backgrounds to find creative solutions to address some of the most pressing problems faced by us and future generations.

Felicitas Ader

Network member



Sub-groups are one of the key ways the network can take action on specific issues. The sub-groups are outcome focused, so each group aims to produce a physical output such as an event, a report, a think piece, an industry resource, a webpage etc. The aim is that sub-groups will be self-driven. Seven have been created so far.


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The Next Stage of the RSA Sustainability Network

11th April 2019

An article by: Phillip Ward FRSA

Since 2016, the RSA Fellow-led Sustainability Network has grown from an idea into a strong and successful group with more than 800 members, running numerous events around the country and linking between countless sustainabilit ...

There Is No Planet B

9th May 2019

Durham Street Auditorium, RSA House

Climate change, biodiversity, feeding the world, plastics - the list of environmental concerns seems endless. Given the global nature of the challenges we now face, what on Earth can any of us do?


How smart is your home?

On March 27th the Sustainable Households subgroup of the RSA’s Sustainability Network organised a webinar on the topic: Energy Efficiency-Smart Homes and Smart Behaviours.

Autumn 2018 quarterly newsletter

Autumn is upon us and it’s been a busy quarter in the world of sustainability. For full details, follow the link to see our Autumn 2018 newsletter.

Further Resources

Further Resources

Learn more about what the network has been up to on our resources page, as well as other resources utilised by the network. We'll be posting details of any presentations or updates from events and sub-group activities. You can also learn more about how the sub-groups are progressing toward their goals. 


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