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The power of serendipity is limitless within a network of like-minded, creative people. What will the new RSA coffeehouse achieve? 

Here are a selection of stories from Fellows which provide a glimpse into how the new coffeehouse could achieve a 21st century Enlightenment

Without the RSA we wouldn’t be here…without that space we would not have been able to meet the people we’ve met and have a safe space to develop and pilot our business properly

Bradley Heslop

It all started with a chat over a glass of wine with some Fellows at the House. The conversation centred on combining ideas about social enterprise and prisons, and so the ‘social enterprise prison’ was born. The House featured as the hub for several subsequent meetings to develop the initial ‘blue sky’ idea into a workable project.

Philip Emery

Musician who uses music teaching to aid the rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-prisoners

My current project has benefited from many meetings at the RSA and some great connections, some generated at random with people sitting near me in the bar.

Andrew Middleton

Not For Profit and Philanthropy Advocate, Non Profit Mentor, INDY, Life Hacker

RSA House has been a melting pot of ideas. It acts as a platform bringing together people who are actively engaged with making new ventures and ideas come to life.

Stephen Parkes

Committed to widening access to higher education around the world

RSA House has helped me to find likeminded individuals - the serendipity of being in the right place at the right time (and polite eavesdropping) has led to some fruitful connections of the past year.

Dr Adam Bargroff

Privacy Policy Associate Manager at Facebook

Ever since I discovered the RSA, it has been a place where I have met people, shared ideas and made things happen. This is where you might just overhear one word of another person’s conversation and then suddenly, you’re through the “rabbits’ hole” and you enter “Wonderland” where the world changes and great questions are asked.

Maria Neves FRSA

RSA House is a fantastic space where I have been able to make new connections and meet people working on a range of brilliant projects. They have have been able to provide support with my project and help me to grow the impact that we have on schools and young people.

Henry Greenwood

Former teacher, now founder of Green Schools Project, helping schools to run environmental projects

I regularly use the spaces of RSA House to meet with collaborators. It's a great location to exchange ideas and to have creative conversations. It's true that creative inspiration can emerge from meeting people at RSA House.

Dr Cliff Lauson

Visual Arts Curator

In my experience RSA Fellows are not just thinkers and aspirers, but doers and game-changers. The most serendipitous, greatest project I have participated in started from a conversation with a Fellow at the House.

Jennifer Wilson

Passionate about practices and choices that make all the difference to the human experience