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The 5 STA-Z is an academic board game focused on developing Uganda’s primary learning content into game play to help refugees and other students from struggling backgrounds for better academic performance.

The game’s first pilot was done in 2016 and given the game’s success and increased interest from both the teachers and learners, Joel was inspired to keep working on and improving the game.

Joel hugely credits this progress and success to his mentor Sue Fairburn whom he met through the Queen's Young Leaders Awards program - where mentors volunteer their skills and experience to support young leaders like Joel, with social, cultural or environmental projects. As such, Sue who is a fellow of RSA, saw a natural link to the RSA Catalyst Grant and together they developed a proposal to seek support for Joel to further pilot and develop The 5 STA-Z.

Last summer, with the help of this fund, a team of seven teachers and plus five friends, Joel was able to produce 170 boards and 9,600 playing cards which they used in five schools and engaged more than 500 kids.

Though still faced with the big challenge of limited skills in curriculum and game development, Joel strongly believes that through working closely with his mentor, teachers and other passionate individuals, The 5 STA-Z will lead it’s way of towards providing Ugandan kids with a memorable school experience.

For the summer of 2019, Joel hopes to secure more funding to train at least 50 teachers who will help in the usage of the game in various schools and further developments.