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Integrity Idol is a global campaign and TV show to find, celebrate and support honest government officials. Traditional anti-corruption projects tend to be negative, problem-focused and politically difficult. The incentive is to "name and shame" the wrong-doers.

Integrity Idol reverses these approaches through allowing citizens to "name and fame" the do-gooders- through nominating honest bureaucrats, and after a careful selection process, vote for the top 5- who are filmed, with episodes put on on national TV and radio. Anyone can then vote for their favorites, with the winners crowned at national ceremonies in front of VIPs and the media. This helps highlight and celebrate role-models; build trust between people and their governments; and allows for a shift in norms towards integrity and accountability.

Now, the Accountability Lab is working with Integrity Idols around the world to push for further reforms, build coalitions for change and spread integrity throughout their organizations. Integrity Idol began with $5,000 in Nepal 5 years ago and has now been watched by tens of millions of people from Pakistan to Mali.