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Bank Job

‘Bank Job’ is feature documentary film as participatory, cultural action – changing the public conversation around debt and pushing for urgent action to tackle the debt crisis and economic system driving inequality.

In our home borough of Walthamstow, NE London we operate from our rebel bank HSCB (Hoe Street Central Bank) bringing together a community to understand, question and change this system. Through 2018 we have been printing our own money. Selling this as artwork at face value we have raised £40,000 – half going to the causes replacing the Queen on the bank notes (foodbank, homeless kitchen, youth project and primary school), the other half to buying up and cancelling £1 million of local payday debt.

To amplify this action we are exploding this debt quite literally in a ‘debt in transit’ van with Canary Wharf as backdrop and calling it ‘Big Bang 2.’ To finance this act of economic liberation the bank is issuing bonds. The return on investment is the bond itself as artwork and a commemorative coin fashioned from the explosion’s remains. Join us exploding the conversation, challenging the moralizing narratives of debt and austerity and provoking policy change.

Bank Job the feature film will launch in 2019.
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