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Community Savings Bank Association

The Community Savings Bank Association (CSBA) aims to create a UK-wide network of customer-owned, regional banks to serve the everyday financial needs of ordinary people, local community groups, and small and medium sized companies. 

These will be regional anchor institutions, committed to inclusive growth and recycling local savings to make local loans - creating and storing wealth in each region, held in trust for the benefit of the current members and those that come after them. 

The RSA is supporting the CSBA as part of their Transform programme by raising their profile with policy makers and investors, identifying people with relevant skills and expertise to drive the project forward, and promoting the regional banks through our Fellowship networks.  

The RSA is currently supporting the development of these banks in London, as well as the west and south west of England. Discussions are also underway in other areas such as Scotland, Wales, and Greater Manchester. Setting up a bank isn’t for the fainthearted and we estimate it will take around three years in each region - we hope to open the first of these in 2020. 

If you would like to be kept up to date with this work or if you have expertise or skills you would like to lend to this project, email us at

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