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InHouse Records

InHouse Records is a simple approach to a complex problem.

UK prisons have high levels of violence and unemployment and beyond prison we have issues such as high re-offending rates and an exponential growth in knife crime. InHouse Records is the world’s first record label to be launched in a prison and run by prisoners and our graduates. Our award-winning approach focuses on prisoners strengths, builds on existing skills and develops new ones, through dialogue and a unique curriculum that is written by the prisoners themselves.

We foster sustained relationships that create transferable and direct work skills. Together we are able to create safe and enabling environments that reduce violence in prisons. In doing so, the prisoners give up many privileges to work hard on making the label successful, which is especially difficult in such a competitive arena as the music industry.

InHouse Records is a label that is making a difference to a complex problem, benefiting our neighbourhoods by creating safer communities and less victims of crime. 

Dangerously positive, we are InHouse Records.

You can follow InHouse Records on Instagram via @inhouserec