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Little Inventors

We believe that children have amazing creative abilities and we take their ideas seriously by connecting them and their ideas with expert makers.

The most interesting children’s ideas are made real by makers, manufacturers, scientists and other experts.

The collaborative project was started in Sunderland by artist and designer Dominic Wilcox and now inspires children and adults across the world. In the UK, five Little Inventors objects, designed by children and made real by skilled makers, have been acquired for the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. In Canada, working with the Canadian Space Agency, the best ideas will be shown on the International Space Station in 2019 and in China over 15000 children have completed Little Inventors workshops. 

The Little Inventors website has over 7000 children’s invention drawings uploaded, and the team give positive written feedback to as many uploads as possible to build creative confidence.

We aim to expand our partnerships and collaborations with other organisations, schools and individuals passionate about creativity, to help spread the project far and wide. 

You can find out more about Little Inventors  by following them on Twitter and Instagram @littleinventors


About the image:

“This is a No Plooshon Jacket and it keeps car fumes away from the person wearing it. It is made of waterproof fabric (polyester) and has a filter over the face that you can see through. This is for people who want to keep away from the car fumes and people with asthma like me. The jacket sleeves are reflective so people can see you.”

Little Inventor’s Chief Inventor says:

“This is a wonderfully colourful and useful invention Gruff. We have too much pollution in the world and we all need to keep healthy. Pollution is dark and grey so I love how you want to wear a bright piece of clothing to filter the pollution away. What other ideas do you have to make the world better?”

This invention was made real! Click here