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tokyo fugue

Tokyo Fugue is a programme of performances and workshops celebrating the Universal Language of the Body.

Your body has the power to convey thoughts and feelings at a deep, instinctive level. You can transmit love or fear, inspire loyalty, hatred or indifference, just through the way you reach out a hand. But most of the time we aren’t aware that our bodies are talking, let alone that we can choose what to express and how. Cooped up in cities, glued to digital devices, constrained by habit and convention, the modern body is at risk of becoming mute.

tarinainanika is an international physical theatre company based in Tokyo, directed by Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke (the RSA Japan Connector). For the last 8 years we have been flying the flag for physical expression building on the theatrical tradition of Corporeal Mime. This summer we ran an RSA Kickstarter campaign to share our work on the other side of the world. We performed our latest show, Tokyo Fugue, in the UK and Croatia. We ran open workshops in London. And we visited RSA Academies in the West Midlands (Whitley Academy and Holyhead School).

Our aim? To raise awareness of the expressive power of the body and inspire people to use their bodies more creatively, both on stage and off.


Visit our website to find out what happened and take part in our research:

  • What is the role of the human body in the age of automation?
  • How can we make better use of our bodies to learn, create and communicate?
  • How can we inspire future generations to relate to people who are “different”?
  • How can we engage our bodies in RSA’s 21st century enlightenment?

Contact: Tania Coke (RSA Japan Connector) via MyRSA