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Book the collaboration space

The Collaboration Space in Rawthmells is designed to support collaborative work of all kinds, from hacks and brainstorms to projects and strategy planning. It's a free resource to support your plans for positive social change, with walls you can write all over and a screen to plug in your visual prompts.

Useful details:

  • There is no fee to hire the Collaboration Space

  • Reservations can be made for between 6-12 people, as the space is designed to facilitate group collaboration (but is quite small!)

  • Reservations can be made for up to 3 hours

  • The coffeehouse is open to the public

  • All food and drink consumed must be purchased in the coffeehouse

  • Due to the high volume of booking requests recieved, please allow a week for confirmation of your booking. If you are in the coffeehouse and the space not being used, please feel free to take it over!

  • The Collaboration Space is not private, so whilst you can use this space to thrash out a problem with your team or put together a brilliant new strategy, if you need to have a sensitive or private conversation, please consider hiring another space within RSA House

To book the Collaboration Space please send a booking request to Alice Sewell, Rawthmells Events and Programme Manager via:

Please include the date and the timings for when you'd like to use the space, the number of people expected and the topic you'll be collaborating on. This will be written on the wall to let others know when the space is booked. Please let Alice know if you will need to use the screen. The screen has an HDMI cable so please check that your laptop has an HDMI port and if necessary bring an adaptor with you. When using the space feel free to wipe the walls clean so you have a blank page to start with. Share your ideas and challenges on social media using #jointheconversation. Once you've finished, please leave the space tidy for the next group.