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in your Network: Neil Scotton FRSA and Alister Scott

Neil Scotton FRSA and Alister Scott FRSA run the One Leadership Project, a organisation supporting 'catalysts' - the people who make change happen.  They would like to connect with other Fellows around a piece of work they are doing on organisational transformation, and what it means. Find out more:

1) Please give a brief explanation of what it is you do and why?
We support the organisations and people that are out to truly transform things; the catalysts who are tackling deep organisational and cultural challenges, shifting systems and turning business risks and social and environmental problems into positive opportunities. We help them work out how they can make it happen. And then support them as they get on with it.Why? Because many human systems can and must change for the better. Working with people who are passionate about their work at this level, creating positive impact and profound legacy, is wonderfully challenging and deeply fulfilling for everyone involved. Including ourselves. To have spent a working life without trying to make a positive difference seems such a waste.

2) Why did you join the Fellowship?
To meet and collaborate with like-minded people, and those with very different ways of thinking and working. Affirmation is good. And so is provocation. And together we can always do so much more.

3) In what capacity do you think you could contribute to society/the Fellowship?
Words like collaborate, connect, and share come to mind. And in the past we’ve both had a habit of ‘getting involved’. Neil, when previously a director within the Engineering Employer’s Federation and again as President of the International Coach Federation in the UK, recognised that members get far more out if they put something in beyond their subscription fees. Alister has an on-going frustration when groups of great people come together but get stuck in a stale format that involves a few “expert speakers” and many silent listeners. So Alister is asking himself “how do we unlock and harness the wisdom of the RSA crowd - and use that to shift real problems?”

4) What would you change in society given the chance?
Ensure listening is taught and embodied as an essential skill at school, home and the workplace

5) What recent bit of news have you heard which inspires you?
Carbon reporting to become mandatory for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. It demonstrates success at so many levels – corporate responsibility, systems thinking, and how advocacy on topics that at the outset may be laughed at can become reality.

6) What did you learn last week?
An ancient Chinese perspective that says that ‘shen’ - or spiritual energy - is lost when we have an overactive mind. The implications of this are rattling around our (often overactive) minds!

7) Tell us about another interesting Fellow you have spoken to. 
We would also like to mention two RSA fellows Richard Tyrie and Anton Chernikov. They are the founding team behind GoodPeople, a social enterprise dedicated to exploring new ways to use technology and networks as a force for good. They are involved in a variety of game-changing social ventures. In particular we were fascinated by their vision for the future of Over the last 6 months they have been building a cutting edge professional networking platform that will help all of us access the skills and networks that we need to make a difference. Go and search them out.

8) What would you like to connect with Fellows about? Please tell us if there is anything you would like from other Fellows 
We’re facilitating an event at John Adam Street the evening of Wednesday 2 October. It’s following an informal conversation with Matthew Taylor, where what emerged was “everyone is talking about ‘organisation transformation’…but what are organisations looking to transform to? And what does this mean in terms of leadership qualities and competencies?”

So the event is about bringing together Fellows who are actively embarked on a journey of organisational transformation (not ‘last year plus a good stretch figure’), and would like to meet and share with others as peers. We then plan to share the real-life and inspirational themes and perspectives with those going on a similar journey. So if you are leading something transformational with your organisation and would like to meet and think with fascinating people, then come and join the other attendees, us and Matthew in the conversation, and see what thoughts and themes emerge.Find out more about the event and book online.

Neil Scotton & Alister Scott

Neil Scotton & Alister Scott



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