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In Your Network: Ray Richards

Ray Richards is a Fellow based in Hove in the South of England. He is the co-founder of an organisation called Do Something Different, which runs behaviour change programmes, encouraging people to step outside of their comfort zones. Find out what inspires him:   

1) Please give a brief explanation of what it is you do and why?
I help run a company called ‘Do Something Different’. We run behaviour change programmes that focus on helping people ‘do’ rather than ‘think’ something different. I do it because I think we have the opportunity to make a big contribution to making the world a better place. 

2) Why did you join the Fellowship? 
Because I saw an opportunity to collaborate with people that had similar ambitions.  

3) In what capacity do you think you could contribute to society/the Fellowship?
I think the do something different methodology is something of interest to most people. Beyond that, I’ve got quite a bit of experience in a range of different businesses, in a range of different capacities. It would be a shame if at least a few Fellows can’t learn from my mistakes.  

4) What would you change in society given the chance?
I’d like people to operate less of their lives on autopilot, less of their lives bound by habits that aren’t always good for them or others.

5) What recent bit of news have you heard which inspires you? 

That an increasing number of inventors are choosing to open source their ideas because they want the idea to become a reality and not because they want to make money.

6) What did you learn last week?
That I get stressed when what I think or say doesn’t match what I do. 

7) Tell us about another interesting Fellow you have spoken to.
Pete Burden is an interesting Fellow. He’s the man behind the Conscious Business movement in the UK. His Conscious Business Meetups are a great place to meet like-minded people who want business to be done a different way.

8) What would you like to connect with Fellows about? Please tell us if there is anything you would like from other Fellows
I’d love to hear from Fellows who:

● Have expertise in crowd-sourcing 
● Have expertise in open-sourcing ideas
● Have expertise in raising finance for social businesses
● Want to go on a Do Something Different programme
● Like the idea of Do Something Different and think they might want to get involved in some way
Ray Richards

Ray Richards



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