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Blog submission guidelines

One of the best ways that we are able to showcase the diversity of the Fellowship network is through our blogs. Blogging provides an opportunity for Fellows to share their unique professional and personal experience, foster intelligent debate and put forward new ideas for solving our most pressing social problems.    


If you’d like to publish a blog on our site then please pitch an idea or send a completed blog to Jack McDonald, who is the RSA's Fellowship Communications Coordinator.

Fellows’ guest blogs tend to fall into two categories:

  • Thought pieces that provide an original angle on a social issue that the author has a background in, or substantial knowledge of.
  • A proposed solution to a social challenge. 

We may choose to edit the blog for the purposes of clarity, but these will be agreed with you ahead of publishing. We are open-minded about the subject matter, so long as it is relevant to the RSA's aims, though we ask that you aim for 700-900 words in length. We will also add an introductory paragraph that summarises the article and introduces you as a guest blogger, so please include a short paragraph about yourself when you submit.

Before the blog goes live, you'll need to ensure that your MyRSA profile is updated as this will allow other Fellows to get in touch with you. Post publication, you will be notified via email if a comment is posted on your blog. Do engage with readers who respond with opinions or questions either on the site or across social media networks - it will help your blog to get better reach!


Here are some guidelines and a few tips to help you create a compelling narrative:

  • Focus on the first paragraph. You only have a few minutes to grab people’s attention so try to open with an interesting statistic, question or quotation.
  • Think about the 'why'. Why is your idea important, different and worth the reader's time? Ensure that your argument is not just conceptual, and that you can back up your reasoning with practical examples.  
  • While we are happy that you reference your personal work or project in a blog, it should not be the sole focus of the piece. Anything that is overtly promotional will not be published. 
  • The tone of our blogs is conversational so avoid using sector specific jargon, feel free to be anecdotal where appropriate and use humour and questions to invite curiosity. Say things simply, don’t skirt around the issue and avoid long, rambling sentences that people struggle to understand.
  • Credibility is important to our readership, so back up your argument with relevant research and link to sources where appropriate. Don't include anything that you are not sure about.
  • We welcome articles that touch on sensitive or controversial topics providing that the author can give examples of previously published articles 
  • Bear in mind that the RSA’s audience is global so your piece will get more reach if is inclusive of different cultural contexts and has a more universal appeal.