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Share your work with the Fellowship

If you are working on something that you’d like to communicate to the network but feel that the content isn't quite right for a blog, then you have the option to submit a short 'news bulletin' for the Fellowship homepage.

There are no hard and fast rules for how to structure these, however, do note the following:

  • Keep it short and sweet, ideally under 500 words. You can always link through to more information.
  • It should be written in the third person and directly reference you and your relationship to the project/event you're promoting. Here are a couple of examples of past news stories: Vote for Energy LocalOutbox Incubator
  • We may edit your submission for clarity or formatting purposes, but if significant edits are required then we’ll run it past you before publishing.
  • The news item that you wish to share need not relate to the RSA’s key themes, but it should be something that aims to have a positive social impact. Please try to make the social value of your news item explicit.
  • The news item should represent the RSA's values of openness, inclusivity and tolerance
  • Whilst we don't shy away from controversial topics, we recognise that using the RSA platform to promote Fellow-led initiatives can sometimes inadvertently indicate that the RSA is taking a particular stance on an issue. In such instances we will work with you to see if we can rectify the situation, if we are unable to find a solution we may not be able to publish your news item.  
  • Finally, you'll need to update your  MyRSA profile before the story is published.

Please submit your news piece to your Area Manager. 

You may also want to share your news item on the RSA Fellows’ LinkedIn group