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What is it like to be part of the Fellowship?

Here are some of the things our Fellows have said:

The RSA Islington network use a system called Spark to arrange random meet ups between Fellows. Through this, I met Alastair Campbell. We had a great conversation over coffee and discovered many mutual interests in the wellbeing/mental health space. This initial meeting led to a further meeting to discuss grant funding sources for my Social Enterprise BuddyHub. Alastair then gave his expert assistance with two large grant applications all on a pro bono basis. The larger one was successful and it may not have been without Alastair’s help. He has also agreed to become an Advisory Board member for BuddyHub. A great piece of engineered serendipity!

Catherine McClen FRSA

Founder, BuddyHub

Last year I spoke at an event that was organised by Fellows up in the North West. My talk was on “Maritime Heritage” – looking at the developments of port cities, with a focus on Liverpool. I was actually able to use the RSA Heritage Index as part of the talk and there was great interest in how to harness the lessons from my talk and also the data generated by the Heritage Index. There was certainly a sense that the RSA Fellows were beginning to work well together to view locally important issues which also have a wider significance.

Steven Jones FRSA

Vice-President, Swellboss

I recently took part in an RSA Engage event in Cardiff where I had the opportunity to pitch a project 'Girls Hub' that I’m developing which aims to create opportunities for girls and young women in Wales. As a result, I met partners from Cardiff University and following the event we have been working together to explore ways that we can provide programmes for girls within that community area. This opportunity is a direct result of participating in the RSA event and linking with other Fellows!

Nikki Giant FRSA

Founder of social enterprise Full Circle

It was an amazing experience being included in the RSA newsletter. I received some really nice emails and met up with two fellows, one of whom has gone on to ask me to join the Board of a charity he is involved with and is swiftly becoming a great friend!

Emily Vermont FRSA

Network Manager - School for Social Entrepreneurs

I met Fellow Laura Westcott at one of the RSA pitch events and we realised very quickly that we have very complementary/synergetic skills. She is ramping up a truly wonderful initiative "Music for Mental Wealth" and I am supporting her as much as I can with tech, music and entrepreneurship experience.

Mischa Dohler FRSA

Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London

There are lots of opportunities to meet great people through the RSA. I’ve met many like-minded people who I’ve since worked with by pitching at RSA Bounce and RSA Engage events, following up with projects highlighted in the RSA newsletter, chance meetings in the library and starting conversations by the water machine.

Zoë Quirk FRSA

Founder - This Because

Being featured in the newsletter was great. I had two interactions – both from local creative industries who I knew of, but not their association to RSA, which has brought about one or two interesting conversations.

Chris Dixon FRSA

Arts and Cultural Industries Manager - Ashford Borough Council

I have met quite a lot of people via the RSA, so all very positive. The best connection so far is Roger Miles, we are working together on issues around regulation and planning a conference next year.

Henry Leveson-Gower FRSA

Director - New Economic Knowledge Services Ltd

Being an RSA Fellow allows me to connect with people who hold a similar vision to me, about how the world could be. In my experience RSA Fellows are not just thinkers and aspirers, but doers and game-changers. The most serendipitous, greatest project I have participated in yet started from a conversation with a fellow at the RSA.

Jennifer Wilson FRSA

Project Manager - The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

I have contacted Fellows via the RSA site and each one has been in touch. I asked for any potential ideas in externally evaluating my charity and have meetings planned in the near future to discuss the matter further.

Sunny Dhadley FRSA

Global Drug Policy & Penal System Change Activist

The RSA was first introduced to me by a friend, James Millar FRSA, but then serendipity stepped in and as a member of the Create Gloucestershire network I attended an event where Lou Matter, Area Manager for the South West, was speaking. Her story was very inspiring so I soon joined as a Fellow and was then invited to speak about at an RSA engage event in Gloucester. The conversations at the event were engaging, wide-ranging and very supportive, and the following week, Hawkwood (and ethical centre that I run in the Cotswolds), turned into an RSA hub! Five fellows came to meet with me which has resulted in some of them teaching on our programme this year, I made links into other organisations and was given a fabulous recommendation for a speaker for one of our events. So something special has happened through joining the RSA – for which I am very grateful – intense discussions, new networks and new educational programmes.

Alicia Carey FRSA

Principal, Hawkwood College