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What is it like to be part of the Fellowship?

Here are some of the things our Fellows have said:

I recently took part in a RSA Engage event in Cardiff where I had the opportunity to pitch a project I’m developing ‘Girls Hub’ (which aims to create opportunities for girls and young women in Wales). As a result, I met partners from Cardiff University and following the event we have been working together to explore ways that we can provide programmes for girls within that community area. This opportunity is a direct result of participating in the RSA event and linking with other Fellows!

Nikki Giant FRSA

Founder of social enterprise Full Circle

I met Fellow Laura Westcott at one of the RSA pitch events and we realised very quickly that we have very complementary/synergetic skills. She is ramping up a truly wonderful initiative "Music for Mental Wealth" and I am supporting her as much as I can with tech, music and entrepreneurship experience.

Mischa Dohler FRSA

Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London

It was an amazing experience being included in the RSA newsletter. I received some really nice emails and met up with two fellows, one of whom has gone on to ask me to join the Board of a charity he is involved with and is swiftly becoming a great friend!

Emily Vermont FRSA

Network Manager - School for Social Entrepreneurs

I have lots of stories to share! I pitched at RSA Bounce and am still working with someone I met in the audience. I received the Fellowship newsletter and am working with Fellow Helen Newcombe, whose project Davy J was featured. I also pitched at RSA Engage and have met up with a couple of people since, one who I'm hoping to get working on a couple of projects and one who I'm meeting up with in the next week or so. And, I recently met someone quite literally at the watercooler in the library.

Zoë Quirk FRSA

Founder - This Because

I have met quite a lot of people via the RSA, so all very positive. The best connection so far is Roger Miles, we are working together on issues around regulation and planning a conference next year.

Henry Leveson-Gower FRSA

Director - New Economic Knowledge Services Ltd

Being featured in the newsletter was great. I had two interactions – both from local creative industries who I knew of, but not their association to RSA, which has brought about one or two interesting conversations.

Chris Dixon FRSA

Arts and Cultural Industries Manager - Ashford Borough Council

Being an RSA Fellow allows me to connect with people who hold a similar vision to me, about how the world could be. In my experience RSA Fellows are not just thinkers and aspirers, but doers and game-changers. The most serendipitous, greatest project I have participated in yet started from a conversation with a fellow at the RSA.

Jennifer Wilson FRSA

Project Manager - The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership

(RSA Project Engagement Manager) Thomas Gilliford reached out to us here at Piktochart (where I work) last summer. He told us about The Teachers Guild and their work with educators and mentioned that Jennifer Gaspar-Santos FRSA had created her idea for an infographic report card using Piktochart and he thought that there might be some synergy between us. I happened to be heading to London the next week, so Thomas and I set up a meeting at the RSA House to talk more. After a productive brainstorming meeting about what could come next, our team was connected with Jennifer and started creating what later become a Piktochart infographic template for all educators to have free access to. The collaboration launched November 1, 2016 and 3 weeks after nearly 1,000 people shared our announcement blog post with their communities. Over 5,200 people have also used the template in that short period of time!

Jacqueline Jensen FRSA

Community Evangelist, Piktochart