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How can I apply for Catalyst Funding?
You can find out more about applying for Catalyst funding, including the application form, on the project support page.


Who else is a Fellow in my region?
Find out what events and projects are happening in your area or search the online Fellowship directory to find and connect with other Fellows in your area.
If you are not yet a Fellow but would like to meet with some Fellows in your area, get in touch with your regional team.


I'm a Fellow and I don’t seem to be receiving communications from the RSA.
As a Fellow you should be receiving regular communications from us by email, please check your spam filters to ensure our emails are not being diverted. You should also log in to My RSA to check that your personal details are up to date. If you are still experiencing problems please contact us.


I've forgotten my MyRSA password.
Don't worry it happens to us all, just use the password reset button on the sign in page. This will generate an email with further instructions about how to change your password. 


I can't access the website's Fellow only features
If you have registered with MyRSA but cannot use the Fellow-only feature, make sure you click account activation.     


What size photo should I use in my profile?
A square photo, 300 x 300 will work best. If you need to crop or resize your photo, just use one of the many free online picture resizing tools. 


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I’ve applied for Fellowship, can I use the House facilities straight away?

RSA House is open to RSA Fellows, their guests and the public so you do not need to wait for your Fellowship to be confirmed to use the facilities. On becoming a Fellow you will receive a card which can be shown to reception on arrival. Members of the public will need to report to reception when using the House.  


How do I renew my Fellowship? The Fellowship team will contact you in advance of your renewal date to let you know how to renew. You can renew online by logging into MyRSA.


I’m interested in Life Fellowship
Our Life Fellowship fee is a one-off payment dependent on age, and length of existing Fellowship. The standard fee is £3900, which is reduced to £1950 for those people who have been Fellows for at least 10 years, or for those Fellows aged 65 and over. If you would like to pursue Life Fellowship, please contact the Fellowship team.


Can I gift Fellowship to someone else?
Unfortunately, because of the nature of the RSA, it is not possible to gift Fellowship. We welcome your nominations for Fellowship, however. Nominations diversify the network by adding valuable new skill-sets and fostering cross sector collaboration.


I’d like to pay by direct debit.
A Direct Debit is the most cost-efficient way of making a payment for a charity, and it allows the RSA to maximise the impact of your generous donation. There is also the opportunity to pay monthly or quarterly. If you would like to make the change, please contact the Fellowship Team, and we will set up a Direct Debit for you. If you are not yet a Fellow, you will be given the opportunity to setup a Direct Debit when you apply.


What are your bank details?
Our bank details are as follows:

Messrs Coutts & Co. 44 Strand, London W1G 0QS
Sort Code: 18-00-02
Account Number: 05309476
IBAN GB 24COUT18000205309476

Please quote your RSA fellowship number as a reference. It is also helpful for our accounts department to know that you have made a payment; if you can, please email to let us know. You may also wish to consider switching to direct debit payments instead. Direct debits are the most cost-efficient way of making a payment for a charity, and it allows the RSA to maximise the impact of your generous donation. There is also the opportunity to pay monthly or quarterly to spread payments across the year.


Who do I address my cheque to?

Please address your cheque to RSA No. 1 Account. Please write your Fellowship number on the reverse of the cheque, and post it to:

Freepost THE RSA

Please do not include any other address information (e.g. our street address) on the envelope as this may cause your cheque to be delayed. 

You may also wish to consider switching to direct debit payments. Direct debits are the most cost-efficient way of making a payment to a charity, and it allows the RSA to maximise the impact of your generous donation. It is safer than a cheque, and there is also the opportunity to pay monthly or quarterly.


Can I Gift Aid my Fellowship?
You can. You will be given the option to Gift Aid your payment when you join and when you renew. Please get in contact with the Fellowship team if you have any problems. Please consider gift-aiding your donation. Through Gift-Aid, RSA can reclaim tax relief from the government of 25p on every £1 you give as a UK tax payer, at no extra cost to you. To be eligible, you must be a UK tax payer and pay an amount of UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the RSA and any other charities and CASCs that you donate to reclaim on your subscriptions and donations in the tax year (currently 25p for every £1).



I’ve paid but I’ve received a renewal letter or email from you.
Sometimes these letters cross as we arrange for them to be sent out ten days in advance. Please contact the Fellowship team if you’re concerned that we have received your payment, and if we have, please disregard the renewal letter.


Can I Gift Aid my Fellowship subscription if I am a Higher Rate Tax Payer?
Subscriptions to the RSA can – when a Gift Aid declaration is lodged with us – be treated as a charitable donation, which means that the RSA can claim back Gift Aid from HMRC. This has the secondary advantage that subscriptions by Fellows can be declared to HMRC either through a PAYE form or on an annual return, and will increase the personal allowance of that individual, which will mean they will pay reduced tax if they are a higher rate tax payer.


I cannot afford my Fellowship subscription
There is the option of spreading your payments over the year, if this would be helpful. Paying by Direct Debit would be twelve monthly instalments of £15.16, or there is the option of paying quarterly, which would be four instalments of £45.50. If you are applying for Fellowship you will be given this option as part of the application process. Please contact the Fellowship Team if you are a current Fellow and would like to change the way you pay, or if you would like to discuss the option of a bursary.


I’ve lost my Fellowship card.
Please let the Fellowship team know that you need a replacement card, and we will arrange for a replacement Fellowship card to be sent to you within the next ten working days. If you wish to visit the House in the intervening period, you still can - please make yourself known to reception when you arrive.


I’d like to change my address or update my personal details
Please log in to My RSA to update your details.

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I’d like to make a donation to the RSA.
Please see our donations page for a list of the ways in which you can donate to the RSA. Your support makes a real difference, helping people in local communities across the UK and beyond to fulfil their potential.


Can you confirm if someone is a Fellow?
Please email your request to We are able to confirm if someone is a Fellow, and the duration of their Fellowship. We are unable to provide any further personal information about our Fellows to non-Fellows. If you are a Fellow of the RSA please search for your contact on the online Fellowship directory, note that this is an opt-in directory rather than a full list of current Fellows.

I’ve seen someone misusing FRSA.
Please send details to and we will pass the details on to our Governance Manager to follow up on.


RSA Certificates and Diplomas
The RSA no longer supplies certificates or diplomas due to demand for them being so low. Your Fellowship card serves as confirmation of your position within the society. We are also able to provide a letter stating that you are a Fellow of the RSA, if required. If you have any further queries, or would like a letter stating that you are a Fellow, please let us know.


Is the RSA still an examinations body?
The RSA ceased being an examinations body some time ago, but you should be able to get the information you're looking for from our successors, OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examinations). You can contact OCR through the following routes:
Phone: 01223 553 311
Address: 1 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU


I have a question about the history of the RSA or something in the RSA archives.
The RSA archive preserves historical records relating to the RSA's activities and administration and makes them available for research. The archives date from the foundation of the Society in 1754 and provide a wealth of information about its history. They include minutes, correspondence, reports, drawings, prints, photographs and other printed and visual material. Further information about the archive can be found on our website.


I have a question about the RSA Journal.

  1. What is the time limit for claims for missing or damaged issues?
    No time limit, but if we no longer have copies we cannot supply missing issues.

  2. What is your publishing schedule and how many issues are published per year?
    The RSA Journal is a quarterly publication, so there are four issues per year.

  3. My Journal hasn’t arrived.
    We can arrange for a replacement copy of the latest Journal to be sent out to you. You can also view journals online.

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Can you recommend a supplier (e.g. solicitors / public liability insurance)
Unfortunately we are unable to provide recommendations for services.


Can I have a tour of the House?
We can arrange for a tour of the House with one of the Fellowship Services team.


When would be convenient for me to visit?
To arrange a tour of the House, please email us at

I’m disabled and/or have access requirements.
If you have any access requirements, please let the RSA know. RSA House is accessible via lifts within the house and has step-free access into the House as well. Durham Street Auditorium is fitted with an induction loop. If you have any additional questions, do contact either the Fellowship team or the House team, on +44 (0)20 7930 5115, or by email at


I haven't found what I'm looking for.
If you have any further questions which aren't answered here, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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