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Who are RSA Fellows?

It’s a question often asked by those new to the organisation, and one that (for all the right reasons) lacks a straightforward answer.

Every fortnight, we profile a Fellow in the Fellowship newsletter to help illustrate the network’s diversity and give the community a sense of who they can connect with. All Featured Fellows can be found here, or you can use the brand new Find A Fellow feature to seek out those with particular experience or skillset.    

We’re always extremely proud and delighted to have so many innovative individuals in the network and we try to take as many opportunities as possible to showcase their work. Here are few that have recently hit the headlines… 


You may remember Catharina Paukner from a recent Fellowship newsletter. As part of her work as a chief scientist at Cambridge University, she leads Cambridge Nanosystems; an innovative start-up company undertaking some truly groundbreaking work that has been picked up by both The Telegraph and The Guardian

Catharina makes graphene, a lightweight substance that can conduct electricity and heat but is stronger than steel. The possibilities for how we can use a material like this to solve social problems are virtually endless, and Cambridge Nanosystems is able to produce much larger quanitities than other manufacturers. They use patented plasmas to convert harmful greenhouse gases like methane, into graphene, giving it the additional advantage of being environmentally friendly. 

Another Fellow who has been involved in helping the environment is Mark Hatwood. He first joined the RSA when he founded the award winning Cobra scheme, but has since moved into the art world. His newest venture - ArtRehome, helps those who wish to sell on high value art they no longer want, and was recently covered by The Telegraph. Usually, this kind of selling on would be done either through a costly auction house, or eBay, where there is no guarantee of quality. Mark is the first person to create a secure, easy-to-use online platform for sellers to pass on their ‘preloved’ art.

Finally, you may recognise Ed Whitelaw as he was recently appointed Regional Fellowship Chair for the South West - news that made it in to the local press. Ed is driving forward entrepreneurship in the region by creating a valuable partnership between the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) where he is a consultant, and the RSA.  

RIO applies social enterprise thinking to other sectors so the collaboration with the RSA felt like a natural fit. Ed notes that Fellows in his region are leading the way on enterprise and manufacturing by considering how new technologies like 3D printing can be applied to more traditional sectors such as farming. 


All the Fellows mentioned above are all detailed on our online directory - Find A Fellow along with hundreds more, so if you’re looking to make new connections, it’s a great place to start! 



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