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Tania Coke, our RSA Connector in Japan, recaps a RSA Japan Fellows Network meet up with Lolita Jackson, Chair of RSA USA.

On Sunday 30th July, Fellows in Japan were delighted to welcome Lolita Jackson, Chair of RSA USA, to our regular meeting space in Omotesando, Tokyo. Fifteen people gathered to hear how fellows in the US have been fostering the power to create over in their part of the world. We also had a chance to hear about Lolita’s work as an expert on resiliency in the NY Mayor’s Office. The engaging conversation covered many issues and by the end of the two hours, ideas were sparking.

I asked some of the fellows what had sparked in them:

Thanks to Lolita, I now have the makings of a framework for thinking about how the Fellows in Japan and the RSA in London might engage so that together we can move forward optimally, efficiently and effectively. I also learned valuable lessons about community engagement in New York City that may be adaptable to the circumstances of a small village in Yamagata.


Adam Fulford FRSA

Three things I was inspired to think more about with my work:

  • support expanding the fellowship to a younger generation and geographically;
  • support awareness of mental health - shouldn't remain a stigmatised issue with so many affected  -  and see how the arts can help;
  • research resiliency - in both systems and individuals. 


Divya Marie Kato, FRSA

I was inspired that RSA USA is optimizing its human resource in a very smart way. They ask their Fellows, well positioned in various industries in all areas of the US, to become speakers in their events. Also, Lolita gave me advice on an RSA event which I will be organizing on the topic of nuclear energy, which is somewhat related to her "resiliency" projects. I am starting to think how I can reframe  the event from a different angle. Thank you, Lolita!

Noriko Tada, FRSA

We are thrilled to have established this personal link with RSA USA, through Lolita, and are looking forward to sharing ideas and teaming up for some joint action across the globe.



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