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Are you a people-connector and an RSA Fellow? Do your introductions lead to friendships and marriages, business projects and charitable schemes? Would you like to supercharge your superpower – while helping the RSA Fellowship to fulfil more of its potential?

The London Fellowship Councillors are looking for experienced networkers to join forces to enable greater connectivity amongst Fellows in the capital (and perhaps beyond).

The Fellowship aspires to be a global network of people who support the RSA's mission to enrich society through ideas and action, and for Fellows to have access to a diverse network of like-minded people and a platform for social change.

But some Fellows report feeling isolated, finding it difficult to link to other Fellows and to the work of the RSA. As a result, the Fellowship is not achieving as much as it could.

Some Fellows are leaders in their fields, and many have amazing professional and personal networks. The RSA has astonishing convening power, as well as a powerful “brand” and the top-level access that brings.

So by helping Fellows to connect, you’re likely to connect with more interesting people, and so increase the effectiveness of your introductions generally.  You’ll also help Fellows to increase their impact, moving their projects forward in different ways – and help the London team to support Fellow-led networks in the best way possible.

Want to be part of this? London Fellowship Councillors Amy Pryor, Bhavani Esapathi and Judy Rees FRSAs invite you to join a do-and-learn group on this topic this autumn.

The starting points for this group will be:

  • to identify network-weavers in the Fellowship and draw on their ideas and experience
  • to ask these weavers to collaborate on how they can support each other and those involved in the RSA’s Fellow-led networks to increase connectivity between Fellows
  • to map the connections within networks and the pathways through which connections are made/positive social change is achieved.

If you would like to join this working group, please sign up here by 5pm on Friday 6 October to receive information about an initial meeting, which will take place in the evening of Tuesday 31 October.

Following this, we envisage the group will meet in person and/or online 2-3 times before the end of March 2018.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:


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