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'The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it'

The Earth Champions Foundation, an initiative founded by Fiona Matthews FRSA, is holding the world’s first ‘Earth Champions Random Acts of Green Kindness Day on 22nd October 2015.’ This event is completely unique and it’s the first of its kind!

Many people say … ‘I would love to do something about climate change, but do not know HOW to’…The purpose of this event is to pool together hundreds of simple, every day, socially inclusive, actions and solutions for our wellbeing and environment that are positive, kind or restorative that everyone can easily do. The more we find and share solutions in our own communities the more likely we are to learn how to live happy, healthy and successful lives.


Climate change affects our health on all levels and it is vital that we all get involved and take part. Pass on the infomation about this event to your friends and network and invite them to take part. The Earth Champions Foundation will be taking these ideas and actions to the Paris Climate Talks to share and show how everyone does make a difference. Our everyday actions add up to a big positive change.

Take action on the 22nd October - step out of your normal routine or comfort zone and do a Random Act of Green Kindness. 

Walk to work, plant flowers for bees, bake something for a lonely neighbour, change to 100% renewable energy, plant a vegetable garden, add a bird feeder to your garden or balcony, eat meat free for a day, share your produce, pick up the litter you see on the way to work, buy a coffee for a stranger, write a note of gratitude to someone, schools could count how many bird species are in their grounds, businesses can start a green program, or do something completely unique you can think of, then Tweet, Instagram, email and/or Facebook what you have been doing with words, pictures or videos using the hashtag #ECGreenKindness. 

It is up to each one of us to take part in a positive and kind way in doing something little or big…we can all make a difference. Let them know what you do on social media #ECGreenKindness


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