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Jon Shorrock FRSA is based in Bristol and is looking to develop a first person virtual learning environment.

"My vision is to start a young-person focused educational discussion on a national level around PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)."

This would support positive decision making and help understand poor decisions and their consequences for various issues as drug  and alcohol use, sexual health, mental health etc. The aim would be to hold credibility with young people and over time become culturally specific through uploaded scenarios, ultimately, by young people themselves.

The project aims to steer away from the negative end-points of these choices, allows first-hand experience and emotionalises the incremental steps that lead people through their choices and the impact, sometimes to very ‘dark places’ [whilst at the same time showing them how their positive choices work out too].

It will be run very much like a dungeon and dragons scenario where scenes play out in the first person and then choices are presented to the ‘player’ of what to do next. Hence, it is a truly interactive and organic learning experience which can provide individual, peer and classroom-based learning or also with and for parents. For parents it allows an easy ‘in’ to start what is often a very difficult conversation, which will also be true for many teachers who often feel de-skilled in this area of PHSE.

Jon is looking for help from Fellows on the following areas, please get in touch:

- Film / media
- Gaming
- Educational programme development
- Finance / Funding large scale projects
- Others that I may not have thought about?!


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